This manifesto is a framework for the company, the partners and the products. Some elements are rules (like the privacy part or the values of the company) and overs are going to evolve.

Technology and the world are changing quickly and the purpose of this document is also to be adapted to the new ways of using products, devices or anything related to users. It’s an opened document and a base to an opened discussion. I’m happy to write this fist version but I’ll be more happy to update it with some external ideas. Soon, a markdown version will be available to make it alive.


Human centred & Respectful of human rights

#personal-life, #simplicity, #tolerance, #freedom, #proud

Beautiful & Delightful

#inspiration, #seed, #usability, #engaging, #enjoyable

Earth & Durability preservation

#green, #choice, #dependable, #trusty

People enrichment

#learn, #honorable, #loyal, #honest


#liberty, #dissection, #study, #training, #examination


We are not collecting datas about our users and the only informations allowed to be collected are the usage of our products.

For example, it’s important for us to be able to see if your are using more a feature than an other one to be focused on what is really matter for you. All these datas are anonymous, without gender or age filters.

The collected datas are stored on our servers and we are not using any “cloud third service”. These datas are not going to be sell or used for marketing purposes…

The collected datas are deleted after one month. Only the global datas are stored in our servers. For example, we are only keeping this information: “43% of our users are using this feature”.


All our products are no-gender related.

Gender has been created by our society a long time ago and it is no longer relevant to use this as a criteria to decide who is the “target” of a product.

We want to respect you like you are, without any reference to your sex, your nationality, your beliefs... You are who you are and you're not different for us.

Human & Persona

Our products are focused on people “who are doing an action” so our target are actions, not a kind of people. For example, this product has been made for “people who are taking the metro to go to work in the morning” without distinctions between a man or a woman, a window cleaner or a manager...

It's currently an experimental way of thinking and working. I don't know if it's relevant or not but I want to try... 😉

by Jérémie Berduck - August 2017