Inner Digital

Inner digital is a tribute to Fritz Kahn, a statement and a promise.

We are what we are, what we want and what we wish. Name, nationality, social background, religion, colour and gender are not enough to define or restrain one self.
Inner digital is a web & sound art experience exploring our modular identities and how we perpetually want to reinvent them.
During your stay in the digital body you define a new identity, choose a technological avatar and experience how these two interact and transform your inside. The experience is visual, animated and sound designed.

Kahn in the 21st century

Inner digital is a tribute to the German scientist and infographics pioneer Fritz Kahn and his understanding of the human body. It is also a vision of us as a combination of identities and bodies intertwined around technology, communication and gadgets, our physical placebo, our intimate devices.
Fritz Kahn was a visual analyser of the industrial era. Inner digital is an update for the ubiquitous digital world we live into.
From industrial revolution to digital bodies.

Our work in progress condition

Inner digital is a statement that the name, nationality, social background, religion, colour and gender are not a definitive design but a combination that the self ought to unlock and surpass.
All these elements are a beginning not an end.
The reflexive mechanisms at play build a condition that is not finite. They form an endless work in progress where the physical environment is not the essential element of designation.
From basic profile to self designation.

Perpetual self reinvention

Inner digital is the idea that beyond physical borders and digital presence lies a primal and modern need for self designation. When that need is not correctly understood, it leads to fear.
Inner digital uses a new form of data visualisation to materialise that need into modular possibilities of perpetual self reinvention.
From self designation to perpetual self reinvention.

What your digital identity tells about your body

Enter a binary choice 0/1, your date of birth, the first letter of your city and Inner digital will transform this information into your digital identity and will attribute a device to your digital body.
The interaction between your digital body and the device will animate a map and tell a sound art story of your inner self, exploring your body.

Digital keys for bio mechanics cogs

Inner digital explores the idea that the more our world becomes virtual, the more our body needs to rewire its biomechanics and get closer to its environment. As much as we like to think that we are in control, we are just physical witnesses stuck in one fixed condition while the digital plan is about movement and transformation.

Digital identities are the keys. Digital identities are that internal mechanism setting the pace for our internal and social architecture, because the pieces of mind, soul and ego that we load into our devices have a growing impact on our health.

Inner digital is about embracing the future within us and accepting time as an intimate element that shapes change much more than manufactured gadgets and internet providers.


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To keep it private, each visite is generating a new one.

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