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  • A tribute to Fritz Kahn

    Inner digital is a tribute to the German scientist and infographics pioneer Fritz Kahn and his understanding of the human body. It is also a vision of us as a combination of identities and bodies intertwined around technology, communication and gadgets, our physical placebo, our intimate devices. Fritz Kahn was a visual analyser of the industrial era. Inner digital is an update for the ubiquitous digital world we live into. From industrial revolution to digital bodies.

  • Coming Soon


I’m not going to change the world, but I want to do something in the right direction. Basically, when it’s about the Internet, smartphones, wearable devices… serious problems of privacy are coming with.

I believe it's possible to be respectful of you as human, not as an customer or a user.

I wrote this manifesto to rule all the products I'm working on and the company.

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